So I have opened the webshop.

All PCB's are available in small amounts at this moment not to get stuck with hundreds of kit's.   ;-)
But the actual stock is showed an can be shipped within a few day's.


Normal shipping is free worldwide. this means carefully packed but in a normal bubble envelope containing the parts and the schematics.

For package or track & trace shipping please inform me in the last step of the ordering information, there is a remark field.
cost's for this can differ per country or region.

After order I will sent a link with my paypal information.
Bank transfer also possible.

Attiny -> ADF programmer.
Board can be easily mounted on top of a cheap Chinese ADF4350/4351/5355 board.
Fits exactly on the ADF4350/1 boards.
With 3.3V low noise voltage Regulator for powering this board and the ADF as well.

Standard is +5Dbm output, if you want a other value then please specify.

Code is be available on this site as download.

For nomal envelop sipment there will be (worldwide) no charge.
When you want to have a trakc& trace there will be a extra charge, Cost's dependig on your location.

Sold out

ADF Programmer Lite

Sold out

ADF Programmer Lite


Same PCB as the ADF Programmer, with only the connectors and the Attiny.
So not the Power Led, LT1763 low noise voltage regulator and the C's needed for that.

Same options in programming.
Attiny will always be mounted, connectors will always unmounted not to be damaged during transport.
Price is indcluded programming and worldwide shipping (evelope shipping)

Same as the ADF Programmer but just the bare PCB.
Also bare PCB and Attiny possible.

Also free shipment worldwide.

Sold out

LNB Feed

Sold out

LNB Feed


LNB Feed triplexer with Buck converter.
Connect the LNB, IF (receiver) and a external reference (25mhz/27mhz) on 1 PCB.
For powering the LNB and switch between Horizontal or Vertical polarization.

Has an <100MHZ low pas filter for connecting a external reference to the LNB and for the IF a >500MHZ High pass filter.

I have also <40MHZ Low pass and >200MHZ High pas filters available. 

First few proto's are now ready for ordering.