Welcome at my site.

I am René Post, father of 2 boys, Programmer/ Special application Engineer at Valk Welding and of course Ham radio operator.


I have been a HAM since 1996 (or so) and became Full licensed (Harec) in 2015.
Since then i started to get more and more interest in the Microwave bands.
Especially 23cm and 13cm are very active here, and working on 9 and 6cm. All narrow band.

Since the launch of the Es'Hail 2 satellite i became more and more interested, mainly because of the enthousiasme of Remco PA3FYM.
Since day 1 that the transponder is open for HAM operators We have been active there.

Many of my current projects are related to the Es'Hail / QO-100.


Take a look at my projects, and some of them are also available in te webshop.
I have many ideas for small projects, but time is limited. ;-) 
So more projects will follow.

See my new page of the Weller compatibel soldering station, capable for the genuine Weller WMRP tips.


Weller WRMP compatible soldering station


Also it would be nice to have feedback on the projects.