Welcome at my site.

I am René Post, father of 2 boys, Programmer/ Special application Engineer at Valk Welding and of course Ham radio operator.


I have been a HAM since 1996 (or so) and became Full licensed (Harec) in 2015.
Since then i started to get more and more interest in the Microwave bands.
Especially 23cm and 13cm are very active here, and working on 9 and 6cm. All narrow band.

Since the launch of the Es'Hail 2 satellite i became more and more interested, mainly because of the enthousiasme of Remco PA3FYM.
Since day 1 that the transponder is open for HAM operators We have been active there.

Many of my current projects are related to the Es'Hail / QO-100.


Take a look at m projects, and some of tem are also available in te webshop.
I have many ideas for small projects, but time is limited. ;-) 
So more projects will follow.

I just added the guest book and a rating bar. 
Also it would be nice to have feedback on the projects.