This is the first version of the ADF programmer board.
Complete tested and programmed.
Mounted on top of a Chinese ADF4351(4350) PCB wich can easily be bought at any Chinese site. (aliexpress, banggood etc) 

Now the first items available In the shop. <-Link 

The first release of the ADF Programmer PCB.
It has 1 input for a PTT so the LO Frequency can be switched.
All the other PINS are connected to the programming connector, so these can be used for other purposes when programming of the Attiny has been done.
When you just need 1 Frequency the Programming pins can be used as extra IO, like for a sequencer for Amp or coax relais(interfacing needed).
On my 6cm transverter I use the pins for Programming the ADF, and when that is done, the same pins are used for the sequencer of all the different components.


The programmer is also suitable for the ADF5355 board for higher frequency's.

That code is also downloadable at the bottom of this page.

I made a small test situation with the ADF4351, a SPF5189z and a HMC213 mixer.
Together with a small PA i was capable of making a transmission on the QO-100.
Best is of course to have an external 10MHZ connected, on the standard 25mhz I had about 75khz offset



Fortunately the frequency is very accurate when the GPSDO 10MHZ is connected. 
I guess this is more accurate than the crystal on my counter.. ;-) 



Above you see the programmer PCB mounted on te ADF5355 China print.
In this case i did an LO for 6cm on.
The connector is the same , but the PCB is different so the screws don't fit.

Schematics Attiny ADF Programmer
PDF – 26,5 KB 2255 downloads

Source code ADF435x Programmer V 1 .1
RAR file – 1,6 KB 2207 downloads

Here the code for the ADF5355. do not use this for the ADF4351! 

Source code ADF 5355 Programmer V 1
RAR file – 1,5 KB 1636 downloads