Es'Hail / QO-100







Since the launch of the Satellite I have been working on my setup for this system.
The first contact I made on the satellite was on 11-Februari 2019 with hans PE1CKK.
This was 1 day before the official opening of the narrow-band transponder.
The first official QSO on the QO100 was on 12 februari from PA3FYM and Rob PE1ITR.


Below the description of my setup and all parts named separate. 


Es'Hail setup:

I have 2 different setups for the QO100.

1 is the vacation/Simplex setup with 12V supply.
In this setup i have a a output from the ADF of 51.58462 which is divided by 2 by a 74HC390 to get a reference of 25.79231 for the LNB.
Tis signal goed to my own created LNB feed triplexer with modified filters to power the LNB.
ADF is controlled with the ADF Programmer .
Mixer is a ADL5350 (different then on this picture) to get a bit more gain to the Amplifiers.
Amplifikation is done with 2 SBB5089 which both has a 2.4GHZ bandpass filter, The end- amp is a Pallet with a MRF21010 and a MRF21045.
Because the drivers are to low power, also the output of the pallet is lower than could be, but with 10Watt's it is sufficient for working the Satellite 
In this setup i still have a offset between RX and TX, but for now I am happy with this setup.


A simple layout of the setup, i copied this of Hans CKK, but is quite the same. 



My second setup contains the Bulgarian LZ1HP transverter.
In this setup i have created a up-converter with the ADF Programmer, with a HMC213 mixer to have the signal from the LNB (749MHZ Converted to 2.4GHZ.)
This is also a very nice setup,, but is also my contest setup, and I must not forget to put in the extra attenuator, not to get to much power on the feed. ;-)