LNA for 9CM
30db Gain, 0.9db noise
low noise LT1763 Voltage regulator,

Attiny -> ADF programmer.
Board can be easily mounted on top of a cheap Chinese ADF4350/4351/5355 board.
Fits exactly on the ADF4350/1 boards.
With 3.3V low noise voltage Regulator for powering this board and the ADF as well.

LNB Feed triplexer with Buck converter.
Connect the LNB, IF (receiver) and a external reference (25mhz/27mhz) on 1 PCB.
For powering the LNB and switch between Horizontal or Vertical polarization.

Has an <100MHZ low pas filter for connecting a external reference to the LNB and for the IF a >100MHZ High pass filter. 

Simple PLL board.
Easy for locking an 25/27MHZ to the GPS reference for external reference of a LNB or other equipment.
With a Attiny13.
ADF4001 chip.
Also useable with other PLL chips from Analog.

And of course the POTY 
Very usable for the Es'hail QO100 uplink.
Performance is very good, much better than Helix feed's.